The Game of Kings

Silver chess set | 25-30cm, 10-12inches high | for sale

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An exclusive silver chess set in collaboration with Scottish silversmith Hamilton&Inches and cabinetmakers Method Studio

Every chess piece will be sculpted in clay; each an equine celebration of the characters, moves and history of the game.

When completed, each piece will stand approximately 12 inches (30 cm) high and will be rendered and worked in sterling silver by H&I. The full collection will be presented on a 6ft6”x6ft6” (2x2m) bespoke gaming table - designed and handcrafted in hardwoods and full-grain leather by Method Studio.

This unique collaboration of fine artisan skills will only be fully realised upon commission. The eventual client will have the opportunity to individualise key pieces, if desired, in likeness of the client’s own favourite horses or equine pursuits. For enquiries or commissions, please contact